As a UX/UI designer, I am passionate about crafting intuitive, visually stunning, and user-centered digital experiences. With a background in graphic design and technology, I am dedicated to creating products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. I treat design as a visual language that, when used fluently, eloquently communicates with users and solves problems with purpose.

I’m eager to contribute to and grow with an ambitious and dynamic team that’s committed to pushing the creative envelope and build exceptional user experiences.

Design serves as a practical way to channel the creative process, however I also love creating art. As a hobby, I enjoy applying my interest in geometry to creating 3D wall art and have creative goals centered around using CAD and generative processing techniques while leveraging the precision of 3D printing and CNC routers to design and build lights. I have recently begun working with wood and LED lights and look forward to working with more materials such as resin, metal, ceramic, and concrete.



User research interviews • User surveys • Personas • User scenarios • Journey maps • Storyboards • User insight synthesis • Problem definition • Mood boards • User flows • Heuristic evaluation • Competitor analysis • Information architecture • Card sorting • Site maps • Wireframes • Style guides • Prototyping • Responsive web design • Atomic design • Usability testing • Interaction design

Visual Design

Branding & Identity • Color Theory • Gestalt Principles • Typography • Hierarchy • Layout & Composition


Problem solving • Adaptability • Methodical • Inquisitive • Persistent • Growth mindset • Collaboration • Leadership • Empathy • Self-directed • Multi-tasking • Communication • Project management • Organization • Analytical thinking


Design & Prototype

Figma • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Photoshop • Miro • Blender • Google SketchUp


HTML • CSS • JavaScript • GitHub • jQuery • Bootstrap